Idioms: all your eggs in one basket -- an attitude

all your eggs in one basket depending on one plan or one investment, hedge your bets If you invest all your money in one hotel, you'll have all your eggs in one basket.
all's fair in love and war there are no rules to guide you in love or war, that's life When your girlfriend leaves you for your best friend, remember, All's fair in love and war.
all's well that ends well a happy ending is the most important thing, the end justifies... Although we argued and fought, we are happy with the result. All's well that ends well!
along for the ride just a passenger, not a helper, joyride You've met the workers. This is my nephew - he's just along for the ride.
along those lines similar, on the same topic, in that vein He wants a job in health care or nursing, along those lines.
American as apple pie (See as American as apple pie)
an ace up your sleeve an important card to play, an important fact to reveal To survive, one needs an ace up one's sleeve - a special talent.
an airhead a person who talks without thinking, a fool Sally is such an airhead. She said that chicklets are baby chickens.
an apple a day keeps the doctor away eat one apple each day for good health Mom gave me an apple, saying, "An apple a day... ."
an attitude a negative attitude, a poor outlook If you don't do your work, they will think you have an attitude.
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