Idioms: bitch -- bits and pieces

bitch complain, grouse He tells me I'm always bitching, but I don't complain very much.
bitch [B] (See a bitch)
bite me [B] I have no respect for you, kiss off, blow me "Bite me! Take your list of whores and live with them!"
bite off more than you can chew begin more tasks than you can complete When I took the night class, I bit off more than I could chew.
bite the bullet try harder, be tougher Bite the bullet during exam week. Don't party; just study.
bite the dust die, quit, lose, kick the bucket Pete was 98 when he bit the dust. He lived for nearly a century.
bite the hand that feeds you be unkind to the one who cares for you or pays you If you criticize your employer, you bite the hand that feeds you.
bite your tongue do not say that, you should not have said that When I mention Dad's temper Mom says, "Bite your tongue."
biter (curling) a rock that is touching the twelve-foot circle The Heidt rink is lying four - one is a biter.
bits and pieces small pieces, odds and ends Jack built our cabin with bits and pieces - leftover materials.
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