Idioms: the breaking point -- the can

the breaking point the time you cannot go on, the point where you quit My job was so stressful I reached the breaking point. I had to quit.
the brush-off refusal, rejection The first time he asked her for a date, she gave him the brush-off.
the buck stops here I am responsible for what we do - no one else; pass the buck "The buck stops here," the new manager said to us. "We don't blame others for our problems."
the bum's rush being chased away, run out of town If you tell us to pay more tax we'll give you the bum's rush.
the burbs the suburbs; outlying residential districts That's Jan's dream: two children and a home in the burbs.
the burning question the main question, what we all want to know Who drove the car into the lake? That's the burning question.
the butt of the joke the person who is laughed at, the goat Frank is so sensitive. He hates to be the butt of a joke.
the call of duty the feeling that you have to work, duty calls When the group needs a secretary I answer the call of duty.
the calm before the storm the quiet time just before anger or an attack The enemy is planning an attack. This is the calm before the storm.
the can toilet, washroom, the john, the loo Who's in the can? Please hurry! I have to go!
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