Idioms: on moral grounds -- on our last legs

on moral grounds based on what is right and wrong We refuse to accept money from drug dealers - on moral grounds.
on my back criticizing me, on my case, ride me The coach is on my back about missing the game last week.
on my best behavior being polite to everyone, behaving in an appropriate manner I promised my mother that I will be on my best behavior at her wedding. I will be a very good boy.
on my case looking for my mistakes, criticizing me The coach is on my case again, yelling at me to play harder.
on my deathbed nearly dead, very ill, at death's door I was so sick, I thought I was on my deathbed.
on my good side to become my friend, in my good books He says nice things to me, hoping to get on my good side.
on my plate on my schedule, on my list of duties or tasks I have too much on my plate right now. I'm too busy.
on my way continue my journey, departing Before I leave, I'd like a cup of coffee. Then I'll be on my way.
on my word (See upon my word)
on our last legs nearly dead or bankrupt, nearly done for Financially, we were on our last legs. We couldn't get a loan.
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