Idioms: broken dreams -- brush-off

broken dreams plans that did not work, hopes that died Their divorce will mean broken dreams for both of them.
broken record (See like a broken record)
brouhaha shouting and fighting, melee, Donnybrook After the dance, there was a brouhaha in the schoolyard.
browbeat force you to work, harass, hound, on my case He browbeats his employees. He shouts, "You! Get to work!"
brown nose [B] try to please the manager, suck up to Some guys brown nose their way to success. But is it success?
browned off unhappy, a little bit angry, ticked off Tran was browned off because we were late. She didn't like that.
brownie points points for doing extra work for the manager Bruno earns brownie points by offering to help the manager.
brush cut short, level haircut - like a brush on top Your brush cut looks great - nice and flat on top.
brush it off not let it bother you, not be concerned When Erik criticizes my family, I just brush it off and walk away.
brush-off (See give him the brush-off)
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