Idioms: bolt from the blue -- bonzer

bolt from the blue (See like a bolt from the blue)
bomb around drive around, drive your car for fun, cruise "Where have you been?" "Bombin' around in Rod's car."
bomb out fail, not succeed Most engineers say the electric car is a failure. It bombed out.
bombed drunk, hammered, sloshed to the gills Fay was bombed before she got to the party. She was drunk.
bone dry very dry, as dry as an old bone Someone had drained the pool. It was bone dry.
bone of contention point of disagreement, controversial point Job security is the bone of contention in our discussions.
bone to pick (See a bone to pick with you)
bone up on study, learn, practise I have to bone up on my French if we're going to Paris.
bonkers crazy, insane, nuts, wacko If you watch professional wrestling you must be bonkers!
bonzer good, fine, super, awesome "Did you enjoy your holiday?" "It was bonzer, mate! We had a great time!"
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