Idioms: chip on his shoulder -- chops

chip on his shoulder in a fighting mood, looking for a fight Ron has a chip on his shoulder. He's arguing with everybody.
chips are down (See when the chips are down)
chock full very full, full to the top, chockablock, plump full The truck was chock full of paper to be recycled.
chockablock tightly packed, crammed in one place, chock full The square was chockablock with people - all looking at the pope.
choke be so nervous you cannot perform or do it well Don't even think about choking when you make your speech.
choked angry, mad, pissed She was really choked when you called her a bitch.
chomping at the bit eager to go, anxious to leave If you mention camping, the kids will be chomping at the bit.
choose sides help one side or team, take sides Some of the students will dislike you if you choose sides.
choose up sides choose people to play on two or more teams Let's choose up sides and play a game of volleyball.
chops lips and teeth, mouth You need big chops to play the tuba, eh.
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