Idioms: green with envy -- grinning like a bushel basketful of possum heads

green with envy envious, wishing to have someone else's property How I wish I owned your Acura. I'm green with envy.
greenback American dollar, money, buck If we're going to Vegas, we need our pockets full of greenbacks.
grey area unclear topic, vague statement There are many grey areas in the legal system - many vague laws.
grey matter brains, brain capacity, intelligence, smarts "Sometimes I wonder if he has any grey matter." "Oh, he has it, but maybe he doesn't use it."
grey power the large numbers of seniors or older people An increase in life span causes an increase in grey power.
grill you ask you a lot of questions, pointed questions, the third degree Do your parents grill you when you come home late?
grim reaper (See The Grim Reaper)
grind to a halt stop with regret and problems If he quits, the project will grind to a halt. It depends on him.
grinding halt unplanned stop, forced stop When Andy lost his job, their marriage came to a grinding halt.
grinning like a bushel basketful of possum heads grinning widely, having a broad grin Them boys was grinning like a bushel basketful of possum heads - they done outwitted the sheriff again!
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