Idioms: at death's door -- at liberty

at death's door dying, near death, brush with death Poor Sarah! She has lung cancer and I fear she's at death's door.
at ease stand at ease, do not stand at attention, relax The lieutenant said, "At ease, soldier. We're not on duty."
at face value the value shown by the surface, what you see ... At face value, this car appears to be in good condition.
at fault caused the problem, to blame The judge will decide who's at fault - who caused the crash.
at first glance when you first see it, when you notice it At first glance, it looked like a cat - a large cat.
at first light just before the sun rises, at the crack of dawn At first light, the ducks would fly to the grainfields to feed.
at heart with feeling for you, with you in mind Believe me, she has your needs at heart. She cares about you.
at it again doing it again, back at it That dog is at it again - barking in the middle of the night.
at least not very much, very little to ask At least he could have phoned. He could have done that.
at liberty free to speak or act, allowed to speak Are you at liberty to tell us who won? Can you tell us?
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