Idioms: give no quarter -- give you a boost

give no quarter not co-operate or concede, drive a hard bargain When he negotiates a contract, he gives no quarter. He's firm.
give notice give a letter that says you are leaving or quitting If I want to leave the position, I give them two weeks notice.
give off an odor smell, have an odor After sitting in the sun, the dead fish gave off a strong odor.
give out break, stop operating, conk out After three hours of steady use, the pump gave out. It just quit.
give them a hand clap your hands, applaud Let's give them a hand, folks. They sang very well.
give them what for give them a lecture, scold them, give you hell After the team lost a game, the coach gave 'em what for.
give up stop trying, not try any more I give up. I can't remember who invented the telephone.
give up the blueline (hockey) let opponents cross the blueline before you check them If we give up the blueline, they will get more shots on goal.
give up the ghost stop hoping after a long time When will she give up the ghost? Her son has been gone for years.
give you a boost cause you to be confident, encourage you Winning that award will give her a boost. It will encourage her.
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