Idioms: a blank look -- a brick

a blank look eyes show that a person does not understand, the lights are on but... When I called her name, she gave me a blank look, as though she didn't know me.
a blast a great time, a lot of fun The students were having a blast until the teacher walked in.
a blessing in disguise a problem that becomes a benefit or advantage The rainstorm was a blessing in disguise. It stopped the fire.
a blow job [B] giving oral sex to a man, fellatio If you want a blow job, you'll have to shower first.
a blowout to win by a large score, no contest "Did the Flames win?" "Ya, 11-2. It was a blowout."
a blowout a flat tire, a tire that breaks suddenly We were late because our van had a blowout on the freeway.
a bone to pick something to argue about, a matter to discuss Joe sounded angry when he said, "I have a bone to pick with you."
a breath of fresh air a nice change, a new presence Having Lan around the house is a breath of fresh air - she's so nice.
a breath of wind a breeze, a light wind In the evening, the lake was calm. There wasn't a breath of wind.
a brick a dependable person, a friend who always helps Parveen helped me get through my divorce. She's a real brick!
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