Idioms: blind date -- blow a kiss

blind date going out with a boy or girl you have not met Kate met Jeff on a blind date. They got married a year later.
blind leading the blind (See the blind leading the blind)
blood from a stone (See get blood from a stone)
blood is thicker than water blood relationships are stronger than a marriage ceremony When my wife supported her dad in a fight with me, I said, "So blood is thicker than water."
blood is up excited, angry, ready to fight Kerry is friendly, but when his blood is up, he's dangerous.
blood money money paid to the relative of a murdered person, dirty money The widow refused to take blood money from the men who murdered her husband.
bloody well very truly, damn well He bloody well knows my name because I bloody well told him.
blotto exhausted, bushed After studying for twelve hours, she was blotto - very tired.
blow a bundle spend a lot of money, lose a lot of money gambling When Al went to Vegas, he blew a bundle - he lost a lot of money.
blow a kiss kiss your hand and blow across it, throw a kiss Taea can blow a kiss, and she's only eighteen months old!
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