Idioms: dad-blamed -- daredevil

dad-blamed damned, darn, dingbusted The dad-blamed fishing line is tangled! It's in knots!
damaged goods abused, in poor condition One man described prostitutes as damaged goods.
damn it [B] it is very annoying or frustrating, darn it Damn it! That cigarette smoke is making me ill.
damn the luck [B] that is bad luck, that was unlucky, darn my luck When Marilyn's computer crashed, she said, "Damn the luck!"
damn you [B] you are bad, you deserve the worst, go to hell Damn you, dog! Get out of my house with your dirty bum!
damned if you do and damned if you don't you are blamed if you do it and blamed if you do not, between the devil..., can't have it both ways If you offer to help, he refuses; if you don't offer, he complains. You're damned if you do, and damned if you don't.
dampen your spirits reduce your enthusiasm, cause you to lose interest Losing one game didn't dampen her spirits. She's full of hope.
dance with the one who brought you be loyal to the person who helped you, don't turn your back on your friends Don't try to get votes from big business. Stick with the workers - dance with the ones who brought you.
dapper Dan well-groomed man, classy man He looks so great in his new suit - a real dapper Dan!
daredevil (See a daredevil)
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