Idioms: have a say -- have an attack

have a say be allowed to state a view, help to make the decision Only the investors will have a say in the price of the product.
have a seat sit down, please be seated, have a chair The farmer pointed to a chair and said, "Have a seat."
have a shot at have a chance or a try, qualify to compete If Scotty wins this fight, he'll have a shot at the boxing title.
have a sip have a small taste, drink through a straw Can I have a sip of your cherry drink? Just a little sip?
have a smash have a drink of liquor, have a sip Here, Jon. Have a smash of the brandy before it's all gone.
have a soft spot for have a caring feeling for, have sympathy for, feel for I've always had a soft spot in my heart for Martha. She was so kind to me as a child.
have a whiz go to the toilet, visit the john We were so busy we didn't even stop to have a whiz!
have a word with you talk to you, discuss with you As I left the room, Mr. Lee said, "May I have a word with you?"
have an affair see a lover who is not your spouse, fool around "Liz is having another affair." "Who is she seeing? Bart?"
have an attack feel sudden pain from a disease or illness She can hardly breathe. I think she's having an asthma attack.
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