Idioms: dog tired -- dolled up

dog tired very tired, exhausted, all in, done in Janis was dog tired after the series. She played every game.
dog's age (See for a dog's age)
dog's breakfast (See a dog's breakfast)
dog's life (See a dog's life)
dogan Catholic, a member of the Roman Catholic Church I'm a Jew, Walter's a dogan, and Peter's a Buddhist. What a mixture!
doggone extremely annoying, god-damn, blasted I can't find the doggone scissors again. This house must eat them!
doggy bag (See a doggy bag)
doggy doo dog poop, dog feces, doo-doo Here, I brought a plastic bag for Lassie's doggy doo.
dollars to donuts (See bet you dollars to donuts)
dolled up in a party dress, with hair styled, gussied up When Lisa gets all dolled up, Harry becomes very romantic.
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