Idioms: bitten by the same bug -- black out

bitten by the same bug have the same interest or hobby My cousin and I were bitten by the same bug. We collect coins.
bitter end (See the bitter end)
bitter pill (See a bitter pill)
blab tell everybody, tell secrets I told you I like Kevin, and you blabbed it to everybody.
blabbermouth a person who tells everything, loud mouth Sharon - that blabbermouth! She told the whole class I love Bill.
black eye an eye injury that causes the skin to turn black "How'd you get the black eye?" "Fighting - in a hockey game."
Black Friday the day the stock market crashed (failed) in 1929 In the 1980s, there were days to remind us of Black Friday.
black-listed excluded, not be invited, not allowed to join Gore was black-listed because he led the demonstration.
black mark (See a black mark)
black out become unconscious, faint, pass out If I bend over for a long time, I nearly black out when I stand up.
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