Idioms: a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush -- a blackout (war)

a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush having one is better than seeing many When searching for a better job, remember A bird in the hand... .
a bit at sea a bit unsure, uncertain He seems a bit at sea since his brother died. They were close.
a bit dense (See dense)
a bit off/a bit mental not rational, unbalanced, one brick short Kate talks to the birds. Do you think she's a bit off?
a bitch [B] a complaining woman, a woman who nags What a bitch! She complains to us and criticizes her kids.
a bite to eat a lunch, a snack We can grab a bite to eat at the arena. They sell snacks there.
a bitter pill a negative event, a loss, a painful experience Divorce is a bitter pill for her. She believed in her marriage.
a black mark a mark beside your name means you are bad If you cause an accident, you get a black mark beside your name.
a blackout (TV) refusal to broadcast an event during that event A blackout is intended to encourage fans to attend an event.
a blackout (war) a policy that requires lights to be turned off Blackouts prevented bombers from seeing their targets at night.
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