Idioms: take your pulse -- takeoff on

take your pulse measure your heart rate, check your pulse When you visit the health clinic, the doctor will take your pulse.
take your seat sit in your chair or desk, be seated Judy, please take your seat so we can begin the exam.
take your time do not rush, do it when you have enough time, no rush "When do you need it?" "It's not urgent. Take your time."
take your sweet time you are too slow, you could work faster, pick up the pace "You took your sweet time to do this job. It could have been done much faster!" "Yes, but would it have been done well?"
take your turn act or speak when your name is called, it's your turn You're up to bat, Buddy. Take your turn, knock it outa here!
take your word for it believe what you say, not ask for proof, the benefit of the doubt You say you are eighteen. Since you don't have your ID card, we'll have to take your word for it.
taken cheated, ripped off If he paid $1500 for that car, he got taken.
taken for a ride tricked, deceived, taken in We were taken for a ride. We lost thousands of dollars.
taken in deceived, fooled, taken for a ride I was taken in by their ads. I believed what they said.
takeoff on (See a takeoff on)
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