Idioms: dude -- dump on

dude a man who dresses like a cowboy or rancher to impress people, any guy who dresses and acts cool, drugstore cowboy Hey dude! Got your party clothes on? You look real pretty!
due north straight north, directly north Follow the winding road west to the junction; then go due north.
duh how stupid, do you know anything? go figure, ignorance is bliss I didn't know how to spell comeuppance. Duh!
duke it out fight with your fists, punch each other Gerry wanted to duke it out with the referee - tried to punch him.
duke's mixture (See a duke's mixture
dumb as a sack of hammers (See as dumb as a sack of hammers)
dumbbell one who does not think, an airhead, knucklehead What a dumbbell I am! I locked the keys in the car.
dumbo a person who acts stupid, a fool, a dipstick Hey, dumbo! You're driving on the wrong side of the road!
dump her/him leave her or him, drop her, tube her (see tube him) Sid and Marie had a fight, so he dumped her and began seeing me.
dump on unload the dirty jobs, give what is left over They dump on Karen too much. They give her the large classes.
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