Idioms: Lotus Land -- love them and leave them

Lotus Land British Columbia (west coast of Canada) They went to Lotus Land for a holiday - to Vancouver.
loud mouth one who talks about things he should not When Bart was a boy, he was a loud mouth. He told our secrets.
lousy poor quality, in poor condition, shabby Everything works except the lousy printer. It's broken.
love at first sight sudden love, love begins when people first meet When Jessica met Ryan, it was love at first sight.
Love Bug Volkswagen Beetle, The Bug I'd love to go for a ride in your Love Bug.
love conquers all love is strong enough to overcome all problems When the family was reunited, Mom said, "Love conquers all."
love is blind people do not see the faults in their lovers She can't see his bad habits because love is blind.
love is where you find it love happens, love is not planned, it is better to have loved... My family thinks Peter is too old for me, but I think love is where you find it.
love tap (See a love tap)
love them and leave them love them but not stay with them When Claude was touring Europe, he'd love 'em and leave 'em.
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