Idioms: big rig -- bigger they are...

big rig (See a big rig)
big shot rich or important person, VIP, big boys Randy's a big shot in the movie industry. He owns four studios.
big-sky thinking thinking that includes everything, from horizon to horizon; think outside the box Yes, we need to make common-sense decisions, but first let's do some big-sky thinking.
coined by Jeffery Phillips
big time a lot, very much, heavy duty You've helped me so much. I owe you big time.
big wheel (See a big wheel)
big wigs important persons: judges, presidents etc., VIP We've asked the big wigs to change their decision.
Bigfoot a large ape-man living in the forests of western N. America; Sasquatch Gary told me he saw Bigfoot's tracks in the sand along the Kootenay River.
bigger fish to fry more important people to meet or do business with Don't bother fighting with him. You've got bigger fish to fry.
bigger than life heroic: stronger, wiser, uglier; larger than life The characters in most novels seem to be bigger than life.
bigger they are... (See the bigger they are...)
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