Idioms: a basket case -- a bimbo

a basket case a person who is very nervous, in bad shape If Gloria has one more crisis, she'll be a basket case.
a bawling out a scolding, a lecture, an earful, catch it When I forgot to do my chores Dad gave me a bawling out.
a bed of roses an easy life, a pleasant place to work or stay Who said that retirement is a bed of roses?
a bee in her bonnet upset, a bit angry, on edge Aunt Betsy was kind of cranky, like she had a bee in her bonnet.
a beehive of activity a busy place, a room full of working people The kids are making crafts. It's a beehive of activity in there!
a big rig a big truck, a semi-trailer truck Do you have a driver's license? Have you ever driven a big rig?
a big shot an important person, a boss, a big wheel On payday he spends money like a big shot, buying drinks for all.
a big wheel a person with power, a big shot Bing has been acting like a big wheel since he got promoted.
a big wig an important person, a president etc., VIP Barry is a big wig in Gulf Oil - a vice president or something.
a bimbo a foolish girl, an airhead Don't call any girl a bimbo, please.
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