Idioms: Dumpster diving -- dying seconds

Dumpster diving searching in the garbage to find bottles etc. No. This college does not offer a course in Dumpster diving.
durn (See darn)
dust ruined, dead, done for, toast If you smuggle drugs into the US, you're dust. You'll go to jail.
dust bunny ball of dust on the floor, dust that looks like fur On Saturday morning I vacuum up the dust bunnies before I go out.
dust devil small whirlwind, twister Dust devils seemed to follow us as we walked across the field.
dust-up (See a dust-up)
Dutch treat everyone pays for his/her own lunch etc.; dubs When we go for eats, let's go Dutch. That's fair, eh.
duty calls it is my duty, I must do a task "Duty calls," he said, opening a book to begin his homework.
dyed in the wool confirmed, certain of his beliefs, card-carrying ... A dyed-in-the-wool democrat - that's me. I believe in democracy.
dying seconds (See the dying seconds)
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