Idioms: ripped off -- rob the cradle

ripped off cheated, taken Dar paid too much for the watch. He got ripped off.
rise and shine wake up and be happy, get out of bed smiling "Rise and shine," he called to us each morning - at 6 a.m.!
rise to the occasion be able to do what is needed at the time When we need a speaker, Ed rises to the occasion. He speaks well.
risky business a risky plan, a gamble Being a peacemaker is risky business. You could get shot!
ritzy very nice, luxurious, putting on the ritz, snazzy Curt has a ritzy apartment in Berlin. It's a neat pad!
road apple a frozen horseturd used as a puck for road hockey Let's play hockey. You get the sticks and I'll find a road apple.
road to hell is paved... (See the road to hell is paved with good intentions)
Roaring Twenties the decade following World War I (1920-1929) In the Roaring Twenties, ladies had short hair with kiss curls.
rob Peter to pay Paul move money from one part of a budget to another If we use grocery money to buy gas, we rob Peter to pay Paul.
rob the cradle court a person who is too young, date a minor You're seeing Lisa? She's only 17! That's robbing the cradle!
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