Idioms: razzle-dazzle -- read me (CB radio)

razzle-dazzle spectacular show, dazzling display, showboat Grandpa said the rodeo had too much razzle-dazzle. It was too fancy.
reach for the sky raise your hands, put them up The cowboy drew his gun and said, "Reach for the sky, mister!"
reach me phone me, contact me You can reach me by leaving a message at my brother's place.
reach me cause me to feel your message The minister said he was trying to reach the kids through a film.
reach out offer to help, let people know that you care Magdalena reaches out to the children in violent families.
read along read with the leader, read together The instructor asked the class to read along in their text books.
read between the lines see what is not written, read the implied message, find the hidden meaning If we read between the lines, the memo says the company is going to be sold.
read into add your own meaning, see what you are hoping to see Teri reads love into every letter you write to her.
read it over read it, go over it Read it over and tell me what you think it says.
read me (CB radio) hear my voice, hear my message "Do you read me?" she asked. "Yes. Loud and clear," he replied.
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