Idioms: raise your hand against -- rant and rave

raise your hand against hit someone, hurt someone If you ever raise your hand against her, I'll call the police.
raise your spirits help you feel positive, help you feel happy If you want to raise your spirits, just have a visit with Kari.
raised eyebrows shock, surprise, disapproval When Chuck and Di separated, it caused some raised eyebrows.
raisins old folks, seniors Let's invite the raisins to our concert. They're a great audience.
rake in the dough receive a lot of money, earn a large salary or profit When he played pro basketball he was raking in the dough.
rake you over the coals lecture you, scold you, ask you to explain I got raked over the coals for taking the car without asking.
raking it in (See rake in the dough)
ralph vomit, puke, barf, hork, throw up In the washroom, someone had ralphed all over the floor.
ram down your throat (See shove down my throat)
rant and rave yell and cry out, preach and complain The old man was ranting and raving about his lost goats.
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