Idioms: fingers the size of bananas -- firm hand

fingers the size of bananas very large fingers, giant fingers, humongous This guy was huge! He had fingers the size of bananas!
finish off eat the remaining amount, eat the last piece The kids finished off the cake when they got home.
finish off kill, strike the final blow The spider finished off the fly and began to eat it.
finishing touch the final move, the act that completes the task As a finishing touch, the baker added a maraschino cherry.
fink fool, jerk, nerd You fink! You sat on my pizza!
fink tattle, snitch, tell on You're the only one who knows I did it. Don't fink!
fire dismiss from a job, terminate employment "What happened to Larry?" "He got fired for stealing funds."
fire away ask questions, comment, criticize, shoot After speaking in favor of gun control, he invited the men to fire away.
fired up enthusiastic, motivated, gung ho The boys are fired up and ready to play. They're really excited.
firm hand (See a firm hand)
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