Idioms: get under my skin -- get you down

get under my skin bother me, bug me, get to me Don't let Bob's teasing get under your skin. Don't let it bother you.
get-up clothes, strange clothing, weird costume A vest with jogging pants! Are you going out in that get-up?
get up a head of steam generate enough power to move, get up to speed If I get up a head of steam, I can knock down the door.
get-up-and-go energy, vitality I feel so lazy. I have no get-up-and-go.
get up on the wrong side of bed be grouchy or cranky, get off to a bad start Did you get up on the wrong side of bed? Are you in a bad mood?
get wind of hear about, find out about Did she get wind of our plan? Does she know about it?
get with it become aware, learn how, in the know Leni, a friend at work, told me to get with it or I'd lose my job.
get worked up feel upset, become angry He gets worked up about unions. He hates protests and strikes.
get you back (See get back at)
get you down cause you to feel sad, cause you to be down Do Mondays get you down? Do you hate going back to work?
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