Idioms: tranny -- tried and true

tranny transmission of a car or truck When you buy a used car, check the condition of the tranny, eh.
trash wreck, ruin, ratch That puppy trashed one of my slippers - chewed it to pieces!
trash the place wreck a room or building, a bull in a china shop If you invite the Casey boys, they'll trash the place.
trendy fashionable, at the beginning of a trend That's a trendy coat she's wearing. I've seen it in fashion magazines.
trial and error learn by correcting errors, hit and miss We learned to make pizza by trial and error. We gradually improved.
trial balloon proposed program, planned policy, pilot project If you want to know public opinion, send up a trial balloon and listen to what they say.
trial run doing the steps to see if your procedure is correct, try it out Let's do a trial run to see if we know how to make espresso coffee.
trickle-down economics a system that depends on government spending to help the economy Private enterprise is better than trickle-down economics because profit motivates people.
tricks of the trade (See the tricks of the trade)
tried and true tested and proven, reliable, true blue When Sven chops wood, he uses a Sandvik axe. It's tried and true.
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