Idioms: square up -- stag

square up pay a debt, pay your share Cal told me you owe him $50. He's wants you to square up.
square up leave prostitution or life on the street I've heard there's a group that helps prostitutes square up.
squat a place to stay, a shelter for street people, a shack "Where's your squat?" "Across the tracks in a deserted service station."
squeaky clean very clean, innocent I've checked Todd's record. He's clean - squeaky clean.
squeal tell the police, rat on Robbie won't squeal on us. He'll never tell what we did.
squealer one who tells the police or authorities, canary Jason, you squealer! You told the teacher I copied your work.
squirrel away save, hide, put in a safe place, salt away You can have your own pension if you squirrel away a few dollars each month.
stack up compare with, pale by comparison The Lincoln is a nice car, but how does it stack up against the Lexus?
stacked having large breasts, having big boobs, sweater girl "Please describe the woman." "She was tall, blond and, well, you might say she was stacked."
stag party for a man who will soon be married Let's have a stag for Greg. It's his last party as a single man.
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