Idioms: tell him off -- tender age of

tell him off tell him you are angry, tell him he is wrong If he mentions my toupee once more, I'm going to tell him off.
tell him where to get off tell him what you think of him, tell him off If he complains about the meals, tell him where to get off.
tell him where to go tell him to go to hell [B], tell him off If he criticizes the way I drive, I'll tell him where to go!
tell me another one tell me another excuse, tell me another lie You say the spaceship took you away. Sure. Tell me another one.
tell me straight (See give it to me straight)
tell on tell a secret, tell about a crime, squeal Will Robbie tell on us? What if he tells the police we did it?
tempest in a teapot (See a tempest in a teapot)
tempt fate act without caution, act as though you are immortal, don't push your luck, take chances To swim with sharks is dangerous; to do it alone is to tempt fate.
ten-four (CB radio) yes, I hear you, okay "See you in Memphis, big fella." "Ten-four, good buddy."
tender age of (See the tender age of)
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