Idioms: pin money -- pine float

pin money extra money, money to spend on candy etc. Janet used to earn pin money by painting signs.
pin your hopes on hope for one big chance, hope without planning, all your eggs... If you pin your hopes on some horse winning a race, you will probably be disappointed.
pinch steal, rob, take what does not belong to you When he was a boy he pinched pennies from his mom's purse.
pinch an inch pinch an inch of fat on your body "If I can pinch an inch, am I fat?" "No. Just pleasantly plump."
pinch-hitter (baseball) substitute batter, extra batter Gomez is the best pinch-hitter on the team. His average is .372.
pinch of coon shit [B] (See a pinch of coon shit)
pinch of salt (See a pinch of salt)
pinch off a loaf [B] have a bowel movement, drop a log "Where were you?" "In the can, pinching off a loaf."
pinch to grow an inch (See a pinch to grow an inch)
pine float (See a pine float)
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