Idioms: run up -- rust out

run up drive to, go to, travel to I have to run up to Edmonton tomorrow. Do you want to come?
run up increase, add to a total, charge it Ming lets us run up a bill if we pay it once a month.
run you out force you to leave, the bum's rush If they find drugs in your room they'll run you out of the hotel.
run you ragged make you feel tired, wear you out Grade 8 students use up all your energy. They run you ragged.
runaround (See the runaround)
running water tap water, water from a pressure system At the cabin in the woods we don't have running water.
runt of the litter (See the runt of the litter)
rush (See what a rush)
rush hour the hour of heavy traffic, bumper to bumper During rush hour, many drivers become impatient and angry.
rust out become rusty, be ruined by rust Nobody wants that car because it's all rusted out.
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