Idioms: from hand to mouth -- from the frying pan into the fire

from hand to mouth poor, spending every cent on necessities They lived from hand to mouth, never enjoying luxury or travel.
from hunger poor quality, poor taste, the pits Tanya can sing, but her hair style is strictly from hunger.
from pillar to post from one problem to another After getting fired, he went from pillar to post - more bad luck.
from rags to riches from poverty to wealth, from bum to millionaire She went from rags to riches when she gambled in Vegas.
from scratch (See start from scratch)
from soup to nuts (See everything from soup to nuts)
from square one (See back to square one)
from stem to stern from top to bottom, from head to tail The '64 250 GTO was Enzo's masterpiece: Ferrari from stem to stern!
from the bottom of my heart sincerely, with deep feeling For your kindness, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
from the frying pan into the fire from bad to worse I went from farming to fishing - from the frying pan into the fire!
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