Idioms: railroad -- raise the bar

railroad push a plan, force a person No, I didn't want to resign. I was railroaded into it!
rain check using a service later, credit for a product The store had sold all the CD's, so they gave me a rain check.
rain on their parade ruin the party, spoil the fun, piss on them [B] When Barb found out she wasn't invited to the wedding, she said, "I hope it rains on their parade."
raining cats and dogs raining hard, raining heavily You need a raincoat, Dear. It's raining cats and dogs!
raise a stink complain a lot, cause an argument or a bad scene Gunter raised a stink by accusing the chairman of stealing funds.
raise an eyebrow (See raised eyebrows)
raise Cain shout and make noise, cause a disturbance They were having a wild party upstairs - really raising Cain.
raise hell [B] make noise, disturb the peace, raise Cain The neighbors are drinking and raising hell again.
raise money earn or request money for a project or a charity The Boy Scouts are raising money to pay for a trip to China.
raise the bar raise the level, set a higher standard If we raise the bar, students will try harder but more will fail.
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