Idioms: the powers that be -- The Rock

the powers that be the people in power, the power brokers I applied for a liquor license, but the powers that be said no.
the price you have to pay what you must endure or pay or lose Loneliness is the price you have to pay for being famous.
the proof of the pudding is in the eating do not judge until you test the finished product, do not jump to conclusions She drew a cartoon of a boy with a plum on his thumb. Then she wrote The proof of the pudding...
the rabbit died according to myth, a sign that a woman is pregnant When Pop heard I was pregnant he said, "So the rabbit died, eh."
the real McCoy the real thing, the genuine one This painting is the real McCoy. It's the original!
the rest is gravy the rest is free, the rest of the money is profit When we get the grain check, we pay our bills, and the rest is gravy!
the rest is history the rest of the story is well known; you know the rest; that's all she wrote Fleury took a pass from Suter, went around a defenceman, and the rest is history.
the right stuff effective skills; the right words or actions Harry is persuasive. He has the right stuff to become a salesman.
the road to hell is paved with good intentions good intentions achieve nothing without action, actions speak louder... Convert your charitable feelings into action! The road to hell is paved with good intentions!
The Rock Newfoundland, Canada; (on the east coast) We know a girl from The Rock. Her name is Sherry Sooley.
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