Idioms: on the fringe -- on the mark

on the fringe not familiar, radical, not mainstream The Canasaurus Party is new - definitely on the fringe.
on the fritz not operating, broken, out of order The VCR is on the fritz again. We can't watch videos tonight.
Several conjectures about the origin can be found on
on the go busy, not stopping to rest We've been on the go all day, shopping and preparing food.
on the ground floor (See get in on the ground floor)
on the heels immediately after, following On the heels of the typhoon was a five-day rain.
on the lam running away from the police, lay low When he's not in jail, he's on the lam - always running.
on the limp limping, walking with a leg injury Norman is on the limp today. He sprained his ankle playing ball.
on the loose free, running around, not in a pen or cage The zoo notified the media that a giraffe is on the loose.
on the make looking for romance or sex Most of the men in the bar were on the make, looking for action.
on the mark accurate, correct, dead on, spot on Your answer is right on the mark. Canada became a country in 1867.
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