Idioms: scaredy cat -- scout's honor

scaredy cat a person who is afraid, a coward, fraidy cat The girls will say scaredy cat if I don't go in the water.
schmooze (See shmooze)
school of hard knocks (See the school of hard knocks)
school's out school is finished for the day or for the year When the bell rings at 3:30, school's out! Yea!
scoff steal, pinch People who scoff books from the library are thieves.
scoop news report, story What's the scoop on the murder? Do you know who did it?
scoop them get news before they do, print the story first The reporter said, "We scooped them all on the Harding story."
score to settle (See a score to settle)
scot-free free of work or discipline, not asked to pay, get off Four members of the gang were convicted, but two went scot-free.
scout's honor what I say is the truth; the gospel truth We didn't take your golf ball - scout's honor.
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