Idioms: quake in his boots -- quit while you're ahead

quake in his boots feel afraid, be scared, scared spitless When the war began, it was scary. We were quaking in our boots.
question of (See a question of)
quick and dirty fast or easy, instant, short cut I know a quick and dirty way to calculate interest. It's easy.
quick like a bunny very quick, without delay Get into bed now - quick like a bunny!
quick on the draw quick to speak or shoot; get the drop on Think before you speak. Don't be so quick on the draw.
quick study (See a quick study)
quicker than you can say Jack Robinson very quickly, before you can say Jack Robinson The ghost was gone - quicker 'n you can say Jack Robinson!
quickie (See a quickie)
quit this place leave, go away from here, blow this joint I'm bored. Let's quit this place. Let's get out of here.
quit while you're ahead quit before you begin to lose, don't push your luck If he lets you have the car, don't ask for his credit card. Quit while you're ahead.
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