Idioms: out of tune (music) -- out to get you

out of tune (music) not at the correct pitch, not in tune The violins were out of tune, but I enjoyed the singing.
out of whack not aligned, poorly constructed, off kilter The door doesn't close properly. Something is out of whack.
out of wind short of breath, winded, out of breath After running the race he was out of wind - exhausted.
out of work not employed, unemployed, laid off Lyle is out of work, so he stays at home with the kids.
out of your gourd (See out of your mind)
out of your mind not thinking logically, crazy, crackers You must be out of your mind to lend him money. You're crazy.
out of your tree crazy, loony, nuts, out of your mind You're out of your tree if you think I'm going sky diving.
out on a limb in a dangerous place, taking a chance (see take a chance) I went out on a limb and said that you would donate $1000.
out on the town enjoying the city's entertainment On Saturday night, let's go out on the town and have a good time.
out to get you wanting revenge, waiting for a chance to get even Ever since I beat him at table tennis he's been out to get me.
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