Idioms: out to lunch -- over the edge

out to lunch not working effectively, not with it The Service Manager is out to lunch. He's not helpful.
out to win wanting to win, competitive When Jon plays checkers, he's out to win. He's a competitor.
outdo yourself perform better than before, do your personal best Don't try to outdo yourself every time you run. Just jog sometimes.
outplay play better than the opponent The Flames outplayed the Kings in the third period of the game.
over and done with done and forgotten, out of the way We were glad when the trial was over and done with - finished.
over and out message complete, signing off "Over and out," the radio operator said when he completed his call.
over easy eggs fried on both sides without breaking the yolks "How would you like your eggs?" "Over easy, please - on toast."
over my dead body do not try to do it, I'll stop you "I want to marry your sister." "Over my dead body!"
over my head I do not understand, too deep for me That lesson went over my head. Did you understand it?
over the edge become ill or unable to cope, around the bend Poor Ernst went over the edge when his twin brother died.
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