Idioms: in trouble -- in your mind's eye

in trouble accused, arrested, punished If you steal, you'll be in trouble. You'll be arrested.
in tune (music) at the correct pitch, not sharp or flat It was an excellent concert. Even the children sang in tune.
in tune believing the same, on the same wavelength He's in tune with our religious beliefs. He believes in God.
in two shakes (of a lamb's tail) very soon, in a couple of seconds, in a sec I'll be with you in two shakes. I just have to turn off the lights.
in writing written and signed, in black and white The company guarantees this pen for life. I have it in writing.
in your bad books one of the people you do not like If I don't agree with you, I'll be in your bad books, right?
in your corner hoping you will win, on your side Hey, man, I'm in your corner. I'll help you get your diploma.
in your face placed in front of you, right in front of you Every time I turn on the TV, that ad is in my face. I'm sick of it.
in your hair bothering you, bugging you If you have too many kids in a class, they get in your hair.
in your mind's eye in a picture in your mind, in your memory In my mind's eye, I can see her face - clearer than a photo.
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