Idioms: tail between his legs -- take a chance

tail between his legs running away in defeat or fear, retreating quickly When the bear followed me, I ran with my tail between my legs!
tail lights gone, departed, could not see me for dust When I heard the police siren, I was tail lights. I was gone.
tail wagging the dog (See the tail wagging the dog)
tailgate drive too close to the car in front, on his tail The instructor told me not to tailgate - to leave more space.
take a back seat say you are not as good, play second fiddle You are good at chess. Don't take a back seat to anyone!
take a boo look at, take a look Take a boo with my telescope. See the dust on the moon?
take a bow bow to the audience, show you like applause The crowd is clapping because you played well. Take a bow.
take a break rest for a few minutes or days or weeks You've been working hard. Do you want to take a break?
take a bullet accept blame or injury to protect someone Pat said she was responsible for our mistake - she took a bullet.
take a chance gamble, try your luck I'm going to take a chance and buy gold. It's a gamble, but... .
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