Idioms: out loud -- out of harm's way

out loud loud enough to hear, spoken clearly Dad was very angry, but he didn't swear out loud.
out of have no more, have none, run out Stop at the bakery, please. We're out of bread.
out of bounds off the playing field, across boundary lines Ramone kicked the soccer ball over my head and out of bounds.
out of breath short of breath, puffing, out of breath She was out of breath after climbing the stairs.
out of circulation not visiting, don't get around I've been out of circulation. I've been studying.
out of commission not operating, out of order My brain is out of commission. I can't think today.
out of context taken out of the sentence, missing important words Brian's comment, "Roll of the dice," was taken out of context.
out of control not managed, wild, not under control The crowd was out of control. People were fighting and looting.
out of hand not controlled or disciplined The children got out of hand. I couldn't control them.
out of harm's way out of danger, in a safe place Jerry parked the car off the road - out of harm's way.
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