Idioms: lady-killer -- landlubber

lady-killer (See a lady-killer)
laid back relaxed, casual Lenny's Place is a laid-back kind of restaurant - casual.
laid bare exposed, open for everyone to see During the trial, details of his personal life were laid bare.
laid off to be told by the manager that your job is canceled Billy was laid off because there's not enough work at the plant.
laid up sick, injured, not able to work Kelly was laid up for two weeks with a very bad cold.
lame duck a person who is powerless or ineffectual because he or she will soon be replaced We haven't seen a promising negotiation for peace in the Middle East since Bill Clinton was a lame-duck president.
lamebrain foolish person, slow thinker, dipstick, jerk, dork Don't wait for his suggestion. He's a lamebrain.
land on your feet be ready to work, be ready for action, hit the ground running We're looking for employees who land on their feet after facing a problem or challenge.
land up come to rest at, stop at, end up If you take this boat you'll land up in Norway!
landlubber a person who does not go to sea, a landlocked human, not salty You landlubber, Jack! I bet you've never been in a boat!
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