Idioms: out of the picture -- out of touch

out of the picture not a factor, not competing or playing Mario returned to Italy, so he's out of the picture. He's gone.
out of the question not possible, no way Because of the storm, traveling by car is out of the question.
out of the way off the road or path, not blocking or obstructing "Get out of the way!" he shouted. "Here come the runners!"
out of the way done, no longer a problem, over with Our Christmas shopping is finally done - out of the way.
out of the way off the main road, off the beaten track Rumsey is an out-of-the-way town, just east of the river.
out of the woods out of difficulty, not in danger any more Pedro survived the heart surgery, but he's not out of the woods yet.
out of the woodwork from hidden places, from unknown places Gas at 40¢ per litre will bring customers out of the woodwork.
out of this world excellent, very delicious Naomi is an excellent cook. Her carrot cake is out of this world!
out of touch not communicating, not in touch I'm not sure where Diane lives. We've been out of touch.
out of touch not aware of reality, head in the clouds He's been doing drugs. He's completely out of touch.
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