Idioms: off kilter -- off the record

off kilter off balance, not straight, out of whack One of the poles was off kilter. It was leaning toward the road.
off my back (See get off my back)
off the bat (See right off the bat)
off the beaten track not on the main road, out of the way I like to explore places that are off the beaten track - wild places.
off the cuff quickly, without thinking Off the cuff, I'd say there are 75 applicants. That's my guess.
off the deep end (See go off the deep end)
off the hook not charged with a crime, not obligated, let off The police found the murderer, which lets Louis off the hook.
off the kitchen etc. leading from the kitchen, attached to the kitchen The laundry room is off the kitchen - very convenient.
off the mark not correct, wrong His answer is a bit off the mark. Canada Day is July 1, not July 4.
off the record not to be reported, not official What the President said is not to be printed. It's off the record.
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