Idioms: nitwit -- no fair

nitwit fool, dumbbell, hairbrain, half-there When he's drunk he acts like a nitwit - like he has no sense!
no bloody way (See no way)
no bones about it (See make no bones about it)
no business (See got no business)
no can do we cannot do it, no way We can't sell you a pet tiger. Sorry, no can do.
no chancy there is no chance of it, it cannot be done, no dice When I asked Bill for a loan, he said, "No chancy."
no contest one player or team wins easily, hands down Compare the speed of light to the speed of sound. It's no contest.
no dice no, no chance, not approved, no way I asked Dad if we could use the car, but no dice.
no doubt it is certain, without a doubt, no question No doubt, you will inherit his fortune. You are the only heir.
no fair it is not fair, one person or team has an advantage You have six players and we have five. No fair!
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