Idioms: had it up to here -- half-assed [B]

had it up to here upset too many times, had enough I've had it up to here with his smoking! Yuk!
had the bird worn or broken, wear out These shoes are full of holes. They've had the bird.
hail a cab wave your hand to stop a cab, flag a cab We missed the bus, so we hailed a cab.
hail-fellow-well-met friendly man, a good head, jolly good fellow "Bert is a social person." "Yes, he's hail-fellow-well-met, I say."
hair off the dog that bit you remedy that uses the cause, fight fire with fire The theory of penicillin is to use the hair off the dog that bit you.
hair stand on end be very scared, very frightened, scared stiff Adriana, your hair is standing on end! Have you seen a ghost?
hairbrain not sensible, irrational, crazy, kooky Eric is talking about a hairbrain plan to train ants as employees.
hairdo hairstyle, coiffure Did you see Eileen's hairdo? She looks lovely in tight curls.
hale and hearty healthy and enthusiastic, in the pink, in your prime "Bob looks hale and hearty these days." "Yes, he's healthy and active."
half-assed [B] incomplete, half missing There's a guy at the door with a half-assed invention for sale.
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