Idioms: no matter how you slice it -- no rest for the wicked

no matter how you slice it it does not matter how you look at it No matter how you slice it, we have to hire more help.
no news is good news if there is no news there is still a chance of good news The doctor hasn't phoned. No news is good news.
no nonsense serious, not joking, strictly business Gil is a very serious person - a no-nonsense kind of guy.
no offense, but... do not be insulted but..., don't get me wrong No offense, but I was here first. I hope you understand.
no pain, no gain to improve, exercise until your muscles ache A sign on our gym wall reads No Pain, No Gain!
no problem (no prob) it was not a problem, don't mention it "Thank you," I said. "No problem," she replied.
no qualms no doubts, no hesitation She has no qualms about dating married men. She doesn't care.
no question it is certain, no doubt "No question of its quality," he said, examining the watch.
no questions asked you will not be asked to explain or pay If he returns the stolen car, there will be no questions asked.
no rest for the wicked wicked people must work long hours as a penalty, what did I do to deserve... When I told the men there was another truck to unload, Per said, "No rest for the wicked, eh."
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